Welcome to the official website for Bassingham Act Two Threatre Company.

We would like to keep you up to date with any Act Two related topics from the dates and times of rehersals and the progress of our future productions to any trips we may organise.

We will introduce you to our members, well at least the ones who aren't shy anyway and hopefully you will want to come along any see what we are about and maybe even join our team.

Everyone is welcome as there is always room for our group of friends to expand. Whether you are technically minded or have a gift to entertain, there is a role for everyone.

There are many sides to our group, you can take your pick from acting on stage, being part of our team that helps with makeup and the organising of the dressing room area, being part of our backstage team managing scenery and stage logistics, helping out in the front of house team look after the saftey of the audueince and there is the lighting and sound team who are always looking for willing helpings.

Every one can find a place to fit in so please don't be shy.  

History of Act Two
Committee Members